All Styles. No fuss. We can use your existing logistics to make the most of your budget. As your customers become more accustomed to using the internet to search for products they want to buy, it is becoming more important to have inspiring photography on your website. This enables you to stand out in a competitive market and help you …

How it works?

You choose the products you want to feature, we come up with the looks and concepts and then propose the best way to achieve it. This is how it works:

Planning: concept and production

We find mood boards work incredibly well to pull together and create a ‘look’! They show all the “ingredients” that will feature in the photography and this means very little is left to chance!

Accessories Buying

We add layers when styling products for a photography shoot by using accessories and props. This helps to create an inspiring and sophisticated lifestyle ‘look’. We usually source accessories from your existing suppliers, or we can suggest alternative options that we know and trust from our extensive database. Here’s some pics from the lovely accessories we’ve been working with…   …

Brochure, Website, Social Media and P.O.S

We are very flexible when it comes to assessing your needs for exciting photography. New photos are usually needed to keep your website fresh and interesting. You will also require printed images for in store  e.g. a seasonal brochure or POS posters and banners. Using our photography enables you to have a consistent message throughout your business with striking images …

Videos Available

Do you know that videos are one of the most clicked media on the internet? Please click on the image above to take a look at some examples of  videos we can make to create some buzz around your business!


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Logo Arighi Bianchi


“Every photoshoot seems to surpass the last one. Andrew and Paula always produce creative, inventive and inspiring work.”

“Having worked with Andrew and Paula over many campaigns, we are extremely happy with their professional approach and stunning photography. It is always a pleasure for them to be involved in our shoots, and we always look forward to receiving their images.”

“Andrew’s impact on the visual merchandising of our store has been significant over the last seven years, he really has helped us to keep moving forward. I can’t speak highly enough of him.”

“Andrew and Paula have a strong creative energy combined with focus on every aspect of delivering inspiring photography.”


Pink Sofa Coastal Summer Holiday interior design

Summer Bliss!

Here are some of the highlights from our last photoshoot for Arighi Bianchi Summer brochure!   We couldn’t be happier about their brief. They asked for a summery look for their colourful Tetrad collection. It was really a joy to come up with these fun bright afternoon looks. We can already feel the coastal breeze, can’t you? A cupcake wouldn’t be bad! …

Cool video from Maison et Objet 2016 – Paris

We wanted to share some videos we made for Arighi Bianchi showcasing the new trends from Maison et Objet. We were right on the spot: Green is indeed a hot colour for 2017. Take a look at video below to see some suggestions on how to use it!   Check out our other videos on our page on vimeo!


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